Group Classes
Because we believe individual attention is critical to insuring the success of our clients, we keep our class sizes very small. Group classes are an economical way for you to learn the tools you will need in order to successfully train your puppy or dog - especially if your new addition has had no basic formal training in the past. Group classes teach you, the owner, everything you need to know in order to lay the foundation for basic training and insure a happy future together. Affinity Dog Training, inc makes sure you gain those tools in a safe, friendly, and supportive atmosphere. Classes are currently being offered at 1944 Gyorr Ave. In South Elgin IL.
Affinity Dog Training is offering the following classes:
  • Puppy Kindergarten: Meets for 1 hour, once a week, for 7 weeks
Our Puppy Kindergarten is designed for puppies between 8 and 18 weeks of age at the start of classes and is limited to no more than 6 puppies per group. It is our hope that all puppies are registered for class by the time they are 12 weeks of age. This gives us ample time for socialization opportunities, as well as laying the foundation for problem prevention and correction. In this class we address all your common puppy behavior concerns; biting, mouthing, chewing, housetraining, crating, jumping on people and much more. Basic Obedience Cues are introduced in this session.
  • Foundations Class: Meets for 1 hour, once a week, for 7 weeks 

Our foundations class is designed for puppies and dogs 5 months of age and older and is limited to no more than 6 dogs per group. This class is generally for dogs that have had no prior formal obedience training. Concentration in this class is on teaching your dog to focus and have impulse control. All the tools for teaching the basic behaviors of SIT, DOWN, STAND, COME, STAY, OFF/LEAVE IT and WALKING without pulling are taught. In this class we also address common adolescent behavior concerns like jumping on people, "hyper" activity, and more.  

For class availability, requirements, starting dates and times please call 630 762 9271 or email us at
New For 2017!
We look forward to offering the following classes in the near future. Please Call for days and times!
  • Puppy Playtime: off leash playtime with other compatible puppies between 8 and 18 weeks of age. There will be environmental socialization opportunities as well! You will be able to purchase one session or a block of sessions

  • Mini Workshops: These sessions are short, concentrating on a specific behavior. Depending on the workshop, it can meet once a week over a two week period to once a week over a 4 week period. Costs will vary by workshop. Some workshops may require a Puppy K or Foundations class as a prerequisite.
    • Did you call? Come when called
    • Walking on a loose lead
    • I asked you to STAY!
    • Meeting and greeting calmly
    • Go to your place
  • Pre-Sports Puppy/Dog classes and workshops:

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