In Home Consultations
In Home Consultations are your opportunity to customize a training program based on the needs of you, your family and your dog. Sometimes time constraints restrict your ability to commit to a long term training session spread out over many weeks or the class training time may be inconvenient for you. There are other times when an in home consultation may be scheduled in lieu of or in conjunction with a group class as there are advantages to addressing problems in the home environment, where the behavior actually occurs. Take a look at our descriptions below and see if one of them fits you. Give us a call, we are happy to speak with you and guide you to the most efficient and economical choice!
In Home Behavior Consultations:
If you are concerned about a specific behavior your dog is displaying then an in home consultation may be for you. Sometimes behavior issues are too involved or serious to be addressed in a classroom context. These consultations, like all home consultations, are customized to meet your specific needs and address the behavior concerns you have with your dog. You may want to consider in home behavior consultations if you are concerned about your dog displaying aggression, resource guarding, separation anxiety, or other fear or anxiety related issues. Dog behavior modification can be very involved and time intensive. Your first visit will include a comprehensive interview and an evaluation of your dog(s) determine our behavior modification plan. The number of visits will be dependent upon the severity of the issue.
In Home Obedience Training/Doggie Tune Ups:
Do you have a particular trainining problem? Perhaps you took a group class and learned some basics and now a year or two has gone by and your training became a little "rusty." Maybe your dog bolts out of the door or through the gate the second it opens. Perhaps your dog mauls people at the front door. Or maybe your dog won't come in from the yard when you call him or her? If any of these sound like you, then In Home Obedience training may be just what you are looking for! At your first consult we will discuss your needs, evaluate your dog's current level of training and put together a plan of action to resolve your concerns. The number of visits is determined by the severity of the issue and how much training is involved. This choice is also appropriate for those people who are unable to attend a group class but would like to get started in their basic training. Some people, whose dogs have had no formal training, will choose a group class to learn how to teach their dog the basics and then choose private training afterwards to refine their skills and learn how to apply what they have learned to their specific training concerns. 
New Puppy Intro:
Are you about to bring home a new puppy and wonder what you need to do to set yourself up for success? Or perhaps you just brought your newest addition home and feel overwhelmed with all there is to do and aren't sure how to get started in preventing future training and behavior concerns. Typically this is a one time visit, as we at Affinity Dog Training encourage all new puppy owners to sign their puppy up for a well designed group puppy class that will meet your puppy's training and socialization needs. At this visit we will address all of your questions and concerns about raising a puppy so that you can feel confident that you are starting off on the right track.
Phone Consultations:
There are some concerns that can sometimes be addressed by telephone. Usually these are simple training concerns like "how do I house train my new puppy?" or "my puppy is chewing my furniture, what do I do?" If you have a single training or behavior concern this may be an option for you. When you call us we will determine the severity of the issue and decide whether or not a phone consultation is the appropriate choice for you. 
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